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About Keeping Safe:

Protect Your Right to Privacy There is no way to completely erase your history, especially with spyware so easily available. You can however follow these steps to be safer when on-line: If you believe your internet is being monitored use a safer computer. This could be at work, a friends house, or a public library. Any where your abuser will not have access to the computer is a safer choice. Remember that if you are being watched it could be more dangerous to suddenly change your internet habits. Deleting on-line history may make an abuser very suspicious. E mails, texts, and Instant messaging are not secure ways to communicate. Its always best to call our crisis line @ 1-877-977-0007 .Corded phones are more secure than cordless phones. Newer digital cordless phones are 

more secure than older analogue ones.

Internet Safety WARNING   

Taking all of the actions on this page may not prevent an abuser from discovering your email and Internet activity. The safest way to find information on the Internet is to go to a safer computer. Some suggestions would be your local library, a friend's house or your workplace. Other safety suggestions: Change your password often, do not pick obvious words or numbers for your password, and make sure to include a combination of letters and numbers for your password

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